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Contract Live makes contract management simpler, faster, more efficient.

Contract management is complicated and time-consuming. Contract Live combines an intuitive webmail interface with advanced features designed to help you manage all your contracts (Procurement, Sales, HR, Partnerships) throughout all lifecycle stages (Creation, Negotiation, Signature, Execution) in a single safe place.

Automatically create and share hundreds of contracts.

Create a contract from scratch, or import your own template. Using automated templates, you can easily create hundreds of personalized contracts and automatically share them with colleagues or third parties.

Negotiate online and e-sign your contract.

Say goodbye to endless negotiations. Invite third parties to join for free, negotiate with them online, and e-sign with the exact same legal value as traditional handwritten signatures.

Manage contract execution and receive deadline alerts.

Missed deadlines and lost contracts are ancient history. Receive deadline alerts by email or text message. Find any contract in your account using our search feature. Manage access rights to each contract at the employee level.

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